Omnisterix - Packet Capture Device

Omnisterix is an exciting new Network Monitoring project developed by a team of network specialists. The incentive to develop Omnisterix came from a frustration with existing tools. At a basic level, Omnisterix is a packet capture device, designed from the ground up to do the important things extremely well. It's fantastically fast, and incredibly powerful.

ADL's commission was to develop a simple, clean, crisp website that allowed the Omnisterix team to add information as-and-when they wanted to, with the sole purpose of spreading the news about the packet capture tool. This is another excellent example of the diverse range of websites that Drupal can handle - from simple brochure websites like this right up to multi-nationals.

To find out more about Omnisterix, and how it can improve visibility, insight and understanding of your network, pay them a visit at

Omnisterix - Packet Capture Device
Omnisterix: visibility, insight, understanding
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