UK based vTiger hosting

vTiger is a web-based, OpenSource Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It is feature-rich, well supported, integrates with MSOffice/Outlook and Exchange Server, and it’s free! (You just pay for the hosting).

Why you will love it

Did we mention that it’s free? As vTiger CRM is an Open Source project, it has been built by lots of highly skilled people who just love what they do, and think that you will love it too. As a result:

  • There is NO purchase fee
  • There are NO ongoing license fees

Being a web-based system, you, and those you allow to access the system, can access it from anywhere with internet access, at any time.

vTiger hosting UK

As one of the few UK based operations offering vTiger CRM hosting IN THE UK, here are some reason why we think you should be choosing us for your vTiger CRM hosting:

  • Unlike some of our competitors, our servers are physically located in the UK, so you won't be in breach of UK data protection laws
  • You get all the benefit of a server based system, without the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining your own hardware
  • Our servers are hosted on one of the fastest networks in the UK, and have a very high SLA
  • Included in the price, we provide a daily backup solution, making sure that your mission critical data is always safe
  • We’re considerably cheaper than most of our competitors, but of an equal, and in most cases superior service


If you require further information, or you would like to go ahead with our vTiger hosting UK service, why not call us now on +44 (0)1530 888 510, or email us via the contact us page.

Incidentally, if you would prefer to have your own dedicated server, we can arrange that for you too.

vTiger hosting terms and conditions

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